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Secret Las Vegas is not just another tourist guide for tourists. Secret Las Vegas is a collection of links to the interesting and unusual Las Vegas entertainment and attractions that few visitors ever see during a typical visit. Even long-time residents of the Las Vegas metropolitan area will find Secret Las Vegas to be very informative. 


Las Vegas Secrets:

Contrary to popular belief, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. Nevada state law makes prostitution illegal in counties with populations exceeding 250,000. Of course that doesn't mean you can't find pay sex in Las Vegas. The problem is that because it's against the law, many escort services, massage parlors, outcall services, etc. will often promise far more than they are prepared to deliver. Going to the brothels across the county line certainly eliminates the uncertainty and guesswork. Some brothels offer limo service, though renting a car is a lot cheaper. Transport by taxi is the most expensive.

Take Nevada state route 160 north west from Las Vegas for about sixty-two miles and you'll be in Pahrump, Nevada, home of the most famous of the brothels; The Chicken Ranch and Sheri's Ranch.  Continue north on U.S. 95 and you'll eventually come across Cherry Patch Ranch, Mabel's Ranch, Cherry Patch 2, Angel's Ladies Ranch, and the Shady Lady Ranch.

Chicken Ranch 775-727-5721 -- 10511 Homestead Rd, Pahrump, NV 89061

Sheri's Ranch 775-727-5916 -- 10551 Homestead Rd, Pahrump, NV 89061

Angel's Ladies 1-877-553-2647 -- 2 miles North of Beatty, Nevada on US Hwy 95 North

Cherry Patch Ranch 2 775-372-5551 -- Highway 95, Armargoosa Valley, NV 89020

Shady Lady Ranch 866-301-5855 -- Highway 95, 32 miles North of Beatty, Nevada


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SecretCity does not endorse anonymous sex in public places because it is illegal and dangerous. If you go cruising, buy a condom first and don't forget to use it.

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